About Us

Meadow Vista is a special place, quiet, peaceful with good neighbors and a beautiful setting. We love it here. One thing we felt was missing was a place for us to meet our neighbors for a chat, we found ourselves meeting in Auburn and we wished for a local spot to connect with friends over coffee and good food. Two years ago we set out to solve this, to create a meeting place for Meadow Vista, a gathering spot that added to the community through food, laughter and great coffee.

The first step was seeing if we could find people willing to invest in this vision and that turned out to be no problem. We had quite a few people from the local community who shared our vision and were willing to put up their hard earned cash to help make it happen.

Next we needed to find someone with experience to run it. We were very fortunate on this, one of our investors introduced us to Ettore and we knew we had met the right person. Ettore founded and ran Ettore’s European Cafe and Bakery in Sacramento for 30 years, he is very well known for outstanding baked goods and an amazing food experience. He had just finished his time at the European Cafe and was open to running a smaller operation in Meadow Vista. He moved here, loves the community, and is excited to bring great food to our town. With Ettore and 10 investors we set out to find a location.

Meadow Vista has no sewer, all the building are on septic and this turned out to be a major issue. A cafe was going to require higher daily volume so we examined every possible location within the commercial corridor and none of them could meet the requirements. We finally settled upon the pharmacy building with the hope we could find a way to upgrade the existing septic. It took a lot of hard work and a very smart septic engineer but we did it! We were able to rebuild the septic system dramatically increasing capacity. One hurdle down, now on too construction.

Converting a building from doctors offices to a cafe required significant changes and we worked closely with some great people at Placer County to develop a plan. Our architect detailed the work and we executed over the span of about nine months. Our local community was amazing they contributed time, expertise, money, and guidance to help us make this happen. Without a lot of volunteer effort this never would have come together, a huge thank you to all the amazing people who helped.

As we did the build out, each day local people would stop to ask us when The Local Cafe (TLC) is opening. They express their enthusiasm and excitement to have a cafe in our town. It was motivational for us and each person that stopped gave us a little more inspiration to make this cafe great.

We are excited to bring The Local Cafe to Meadow Vista and we look forward to sharing conversation over great food and beverage.

The Local Cafe LLC
Ettore & Ten Investors from the community